Aluminum Composite Material

Has anyone used ACS for a project? It looks like a really nice material to make signs and boxes (and unusable soccer balls). I found a source for it on Amazon, but the shipping cost is as much as the material. I need to find a local supplier.

I use another brand of the same material in my sign shop. I haven’t tried it yet in the x-carve but have used a hand router with it several times and it cuts great. Check with local sign shops. They may have drops laying around that they will sell cheap.

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LIke this? Cheap shipping here.

That is a much better price than I first saw. I think I will go and make a nuisance of myself at some of the sign maker shops here in Kennesaw tomorrow and see if I can make off with some scraps. If it carves nicely I may need to buy some large sheets.

Please take pictures. This is interesting stuff.

This stuff looks cool too:

Sign supply houses usually have this stuff. roughly 80 a panel in brushed nickel looking finish.

I’m thinking that the challenge would be the cut speed for the aluminum skin needing to be slow, but the cut speed for the HDPE core needing to be fast so it won’t melt…

Were you successful? Do you have a good recipe to share for cutting, for IPM, bit size, DOC, etc?