Aluminum dog paw key fob

Just messing around with some aluminum

1/8 aluminum
1.6mm 2 flute bit
50 inch/min
.02 DOC

took about 15 minutes to cut, I going to fill the pockets with somthing


I really like that. Can you show us the other side of it? Anything special there … is it domed off, or anything?

I would fill it with HDPE as a test. I know you can melt it in the oven, but I don’t know how it flows. Then it could be sanded flush to have an inlay. Or lots of other choices. Just plain painting would make the thing pop also.

Nice work.

So far I have I have filled it with black nail polish plan to top it off with some clear epoxy resin

HDPE is a good idea…

However, HDPE Doesn’t stick to virtually anything and almost nothing sticks to it. That’s why glue bottles are made from HDPE. Something resin-based would be a better choice also since HDPE doesn’t really flow at all until you get it hot enough for the fumes to kill you.

Here is a short video of the cut in action

Hmm… would you happen to have a link to this?

You are right about HDPE being too slick to stick to anything, so I guess that was not a good idea. And thanks for letting me know that HDPE is dangerous if you get it to fume stage. I have been saving up HDPE and purchased a toaster oven, but haven’t melted any into bricks or blocks yet to mill it on the X-Carve. I will be careful, I guess.

I have melted HDPE in the oven, I lay it on parchment paper covered cookie sheet and set the oven to 350 and have not had any problems, I always run the exhaust fan and open the windows just to be safe.