Always Clamp your material!

check this out everyone at about 14:00 I had a serious issue

the bit moved about 1 inch asnd then lifted the board off the wasteboard and started to spin on the router yeah the 14"x 1" thick board!!!

it loosened my entire z carriage and flung it off the track!!!

just got it fixed I was freakin pissed lol I was using a upcut bit and apparently for the way that i clamped it that was no good

My settings at time of accident

rpm 16,000
feed 45 in/min
doc .080"
2 flute carbide upcut spiral

talked to onsrud rep for awhile and settings should be

rpm 16,000
feed 104in/min
doc .375"
2 flute carbide downcut or 1 flute straight

I see alot of people use double sided tape to secure there piece to the wasteboard does anyone know what this tape is called?

onsrud rep told me it was a mylar backed carpet taoe but i cant find it?

he also told me that I should be able to cut a 1" thick board in 3 passes with the onsrud bits that i have that seems a bit much to me the x-carve is not capable of that is it? he might have been talking about a machine like the shop bot?

You can’t use those settings with an x-carve, the endmill might be able to handle it, but the machine wont.

The tape I use sometimes is just called carpet tape from my local Ace hardware.

The cutting… The standard cutting is only go down half the width of your cutter. So 1/4 mill should take no more than 1/8" per pass.

Good Luck with getting your machine back running again, yikes


so its just called carpet tape from ace?

and yeah that is always the rule that i followed and worked well except for this piece


even the feedrate huh? yeah I knew the doc would not be possible but I have never ran my machine over 50 in/min but I have heard people say they do it all the time

My biggest problem is I only have a limited supply of this special wood so I need to get it right lol

Well, everything is related, the main number you want to pay attention to is “Inch per Tooth”. There’s a lot of info on this subject, and if you use Fusion 360 you can enter the values for IPT and RPM and it will calculate feeds for you. As long as you keep 1/2 of the width as your DOC you should be fine.
50 in/min is not much if you have a DOC of 1/8 with a 1/4 endmill.

Here’s the tape I use … it’s “Duck” brand and I typically find it at Menards.

It’s TOUGH stuff, I also use it to hold down mats at the front and rear doors of the house and when it comes time to remove \ replace I typically spend an hour with Goo Gone and razor blade just getting it up.


right!!! your telling me i had to change the pair i had on plus the 3 i have in the closet lol

alright sweet I will try the carpet tape thanks

machine is up and running but my acme screw it bent and this is causing the router to wobble when moving up and down all v wheels are tight does this sound right?

Geez…glad you’re alright. That’s nuts…worst that I’ve had happen was getting my shirt caught in the y-axis v-wheels (long story)…

If the screw is bent, I would expect some wobble if the delrin nut is moving in any direction other than Z relative to the router. Don’t know if that’s easily straightened or just need to replace. How bad is it?

I’m no expert but don’t rely solely on any 2 sided tape. I had a similar incident where I had the material secured with 2 sided tape and it didn’t hold. Fortunately for me, I was right there when it happened and there was no damage other than to the workpiece. A lot of my problem was the temperature in my shop at the time ( It was 60 Degrees-the colder it is, the less holding power of the tape).


I will shoot a video here in a second on how much it is wobbling you can actually the whole router and bit move


I cut this out of the piece above and had only minor issues I even cut it at 80 in/min with a doc of .125" right when it was on its last pass and the pieces where cutting through is when the bit started to chatter but I think this was due to me not using enough tape but the tape that i did use wanted to break the wood as i took it off the spoil board lol

here is the youtube video I think its really hard to see on camera but you can see it clear as day when looking at it in real life

My Onsrud rep told me to jump off a cliff. Thankfully, I trusted my brain more than my Onsrud rep, and checked this forum first and there are literally hundreds of posts on this forum about: NOT jumping off a cliff, and properly securing your work without relying on tape,and feeds and speeds.


what do you mean your rep told you that lol???

I had about a 2 hour convo with mine and he was extremely helpful and wanted to even come down and see my shop in person

he is actually the first one to recommend carpet tape as a great double sided tape the only problem that i run into with him is he always wants me to run my machine at like 800 in/min lol I just cant do that with the x-carve it might help if the dewalt router could go slower than 16,000 rpm but thats it lowest

I think my biggest problem in all of this is I should have not used a upcut sprial with a material that i was not clamping from the top upcut is in the name for a reason it just really sucks but it had a silver lining. I was so pissed that I ran out and bought some aluminum and did this lol

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Mine wobbles like that too, but mine has been doing it since brand new. It hasn’t caused any problems for me (that I know of).

Mine was doing it to from new not as bad but really that needs to be rigid for doing precise work especially inlay work

inventables sent me out a new lead screw next day air!!! much better!!!

thanks Inventables

My ACME lead screw is so bent I cannot tighten my delrin nut fully or else the ACME screw binds and Z axis wont move. I bought mine off a guy that was selling it so I didn’t actually purchase from inventables so I am probably out of luck for them to replace for me. Iv continued to use with with the Delrin slightly loose but I should probably get it replaced.

How would you suggest straightening it? Id be afraid to bang on it too hard because of the threads…