Am having the worst night... augh

I’ve ruined the first 2 pieces out of 4 on my cheese board order. I’m using ash with a walnut inlay. I did all kinds of successful testing and made the first piece without issue and got the inlay glued in. Several hours later I come back later to continue. First thing I did was get the angle off somewhat on my bandsaw and cut into the face of my board while trying to remove the excess inlay (v-carve method). Totally pilot error on that one. I was able to sand down enough to remove the saw marks but it went thru parts of the inlay, too.

Next part… was cutting out my cheese board (.25 bit .02 depth, speed 60) and after .5", it decided to do that chatter thing again and lost steps (I’ve been leaving .25" and using my bandsaw and edge trimmer, so I wasn’t cutting completely out). I saved it in time and guessed where the zero point was and switched to my v-bit. It carved half of the letters and lost steps and ruined the piece.

Since I’ve switched to that new gantry, I’ve had nothing but a comedy of errors… vwheels getting loose, losing steps, mysterious jams while taxiing the gantry around… on both x and y axis.

I bumped up the pots, slowed down the cuts and my 3rd piece is going flawless right now, but super slow. I feel like I felt over 1.5 yrs ago when I first got this thing. I do see one of the x axis gantry vwheels not turning here and there so it looks like I have another wheel to adjust. Geez, I rarely had to adjust them before.

You just installed a new solid x didn’t you? I’d check it to see if it is bowed warped or twisted.