Am I being to way too precautious

What would be the recommended speed and depth per pass of EW pine with a 1/16 up cut bit. I’m currently only going a1/16 deep at 10 ft per minute. We just got our X carve up and running today so this is new territory to me. Thanks in advance for any help, Sam

If that worked, keep it going. Sounds a bit aggressive for an X-carve, but pine is soft.
Now, if you meant 10 INCHES per minute, go much faster.


I agree with Neil.
Also typically depth per pass is half the diameter of the bit.

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Yes inches per min, although ft per min. Would be nice, In were I work feed rates are all Board ft per minute of linear ft per minute.I might bump the speed up a little at a time and see how it does before I try ft per.