Am I crazy?

This is such a stupid question but I have to ask, I make a box and put some text in it. Then decide I want to add more test to fit in the same box. Lets say a 7" x 7" box and I add the word house, now I want to add a word big in front or after the word house but stay inside the same box. Maybe even a 2nd line. two simple words in a 7" box. How do you change the text size so both words will fit on the box. Not change the box size cause this just stretchers the text. this in plain easel not pro… I have checked for something but can not find anything.

Click on the text object you want to edit, a rectangle shape will around it will appear. Drag the corners of this rectangle and text will resize up/down maintaining the aspect ratio.

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Thanks but that is not exactly what I a talking about. Can you make it so the text will resize automatically like get smaller the more you type to stay inside the text block, or bigger automatically the less you type. having to add another text box and then typing words in it then resize the text to match then maybe again adding another text box to add more text seems like a lot of work I do not want to resize the original text in the original box. Hope this makes more sense.

I do better understand what you are talking about and it does work pretty well. It will work just fine I was just not understanding. Just hoping for auto resizing to a certain size. Thanks

Okay, so you were thinking of a text box object that would define a perimeter any given amount of text should fit into? Easel dont support that, but my workflow allow you to control that atleast.

Exactly. THANK YOU so much.