Am I missing some parts or not?

I got the X-Carve upgrade kit on Friday and was trying to spend some time today getting things put together. I’ve been following along with the x-carve-instructions but I notice they mention some hardware I don’t have:

25286-21 - Button head cap screws M5x25mm
25286-22 - Button Head Cap Screw M5 x 35mm
30265-04 - Nylon Insert Lock Nut M5

I have a ton of the M5x20mm cap screws and standard M5 nuts after getting my Shapeoko 2 apart that I guess I could use but I thought the upgrade kit came with everything I needed. And the nylock nuts is a much better way to go.

If there not included, so be it. It would just be nice to know ahead of time so I could have them here! I’m stuck now until Monday when I can get to the hardware store and pick some up.

You might get a quicker response if you email

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