Am I one of the lucky few?

So, I took about 10 days getting my machine together, which totally goes against my obsessive nature… I spent a little time yesterday adjusting belt tension and steps/mm, and this thing just freaking works… like, really works…

I skimmed the secondary spoilboards to get them flat, after intentionally moving my Y axis homing switch striker about 20mm north to allow for the attachment of corner stop plates on x, and will build the Y one before the week is up.

I’ve read about the inconsistency of the homing switches, but after several homing cycles it always ends up in the exact same spot. Time will tell if it stays that way, but so far it’s golden . I even designed and built my own dust shoe (pics forthcoming)

I guess what I’m trying to say is, thanks so much @Zach_Kaplan and everyone on your team for really knocking this one out of the park… I’ve been waiting and watching for the prices of a home CNC to come down into the realm of affordability, but have always been scared of the CAD/CAM learning curve. Easel may have its limitations for now, but it just makes sense to me.

I can’t wait to put this thing thru it’s paces

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My machine, with T-track grid and primary spoilboards

Possible tip of the hat to Matthias Waddel, but it looked good to Charlene

This will get a haircut after epoxy sets


i still have a few things to scratch off the list… side rail covers, a better way to suspend my vacuum hose over the machine (my current method involves scrap wood and packing tape)

i am getting a dedicated 100amp service brought into my garage hopefully this week dedicated only to tools… my garage door is screwed shut, and it is loaded to the gills…(and i am hoping to add a few more big machines soon)

i know that little green dust shoe may look like kindergarten-level stuff to a lot of you guys, but i couldn’t be more proud of it… almost, if not as proud as i was when I scratch-built my first guitar.

I’m supremely confident that the X-carve is going to open up a lot of other avenues for me… my fiancee just ordered a vinyl plotter, so there’s that, too…

When the Instructions are followed, the machine will just work. Mine did.

But honestly I think some people fall into a trap with seeing others posts about this or that or being able to do XYZ and they think it’ll do that out of the box when in reality those machines have been dialed in over a long period of time and the operator has a lot of experience with the machine.

What’d she order? I paid for my Xcarve from the proceeds of my vinyl decal Amazon store using a Silhouette to cut decals and have looked into the pro machines as the next upgrade step.