Am I the only one using a Porter-Cable 690LRVS?

Looking to find out if other are using the PC690 LRVS. It is variable speed 10,000 rpm to 23,000 rmp, which is really nice. But it weighs 8+ lbs. which seems to put a torquing strain on my X-Rail ( which is a Misumi 40x40 3 sided extrusion with Openbuilds Openrail on 4 sides.

The Y direction cuts are + or - .003 inches in the Z (happy) but the X direction bounces around + or - .008 in the Z

I keep thinking of various permutations of Openrail, C-Beam and so on. But C-Beam is really designed for use will lead screws. And once you go that route you might as well pick up a set of cheap Chinese rails. Before long you end up with a mini shopbot.

Yeah, I’ve thought about it too. The only upgrade that I can think of that will solve my X torquing problem for low cost is to replace the Misumi 40x40 with a solid aluminum 40x40 and to drill it to take the Open V-rails. The problem is I can’t find a 40x40 solid aluminum bar. No metric suppliers in the U.S.