Amana tools DFX file and 22 degree bits into easel

So i bought some amana bits. And since they are not the standard ones im wondering how to input them into easel.

First off, i did find a DFX file for some on their website. But im wondering what these DFX files actually do? Can i load them into easel so it sets the values and depths to cut automatically or?

And for the main question:

Hmkay, so i ordered some bits for finer detailed cutting (small letters, small logos etc). But now i am trying to figure out how to input the bit into easel (yeah i know… vectric is on the way soon).

2 examples, because they are both slightly different cases:

1: my new 45 degree bit
It has a tip width (0.042), it has a cutting height (0.242).
Normally i would input the diameter D in easel and the angle degree. But do i put the tip width there instead now? How would that work because the tip might be 0.042 but since the height is 0.242 the deeper it would go the wider it would cut ofcourse?!

  1. a 22 degree carving liner bit
    On the website it gives me information that it has a D, a D1 and a d1. All different numbers. D=1/4 , D1=0.017 and d1=0.017. And it has a cutting height of 0.648.
    Same question again, how do i input this in easel? What values do i put where. As with this one too is ofcourse, if the bit goes deeper, the cut will get wider. But most of all im really wondering what values i input where.

And how do i figure out what cutting depths i need to pick for them? Just try different values and eyeball the preview function or are there any general rules?

Edit: links to the 2 bits i used for the examples:

I have the same question. I am using Amana tools for longer life but the x-carve settings keep destroying those bits as well. Is there a chart that shows which bits to use for which fonts and addresses the settings to use with these? Saying wood, metal, foam is helpful at a VERY HIGH level.
For example: I am trying to carve out fonts in pine. I used the Pink 1/32. Worked great for one project, then broke. Bought another one, broke. Bought the Amana tool but now the settings are all wrong and I cannot match them to the pink. This happens with every project. Getting very frustrating and expensive.

Anthony, if your new bit is not a true V tip, then the toolpaths generated within easel will not be ideal, any cut type other than “on the path” will have imperfect toolpaths as easel is not setup to take flat tipped vbits :man_shrugging:

Thanks Seth, I have tried the following:
46242- didn’t make it through the first plunge. Seems the depth was too deep and it snapped. It does this a lot even though I re-Home. I am finding that if I change the bit in Easel, it doesn’t update the system all the time, just randomly. Is there a solution to this?
45773 - 30 degree V. This one has worked the best. But the tip breaks when the above issue happens.
46280 - 6.2 spiral V. This one is stronger but the settings keep cutting in one place forever. A cut that took 15 minutes with the pink takes an hour with this one. I know different bits entirely but trying to figure out the proper settings.

Hi Seth,
Just tested the On Path setting. That fixed the issue with the 6.2 spiral bit. I will try it with the v tip next.
Is there a chart or anything that has this info in a knowledge base?

Easel isn’t really setup to make the correct toolpaths for either of those bits.

Inventables has a learning section, far right tab when you go to open a new project … and they have a youtube channel with tutorials.

However no such chart exists so far as i am aware… and their tutorials only discuss how to use bits that easel is designed for. they really don’t specify that the flat tipped v bit is not ssupported.
& I’m guessing your “6.2 spiral vbit” is actually a tapered ball nose bit and these are designed for 3d carvings, also not supported by easel, so it also wouldn’t be discussed in their guides… :man_shrugging: