Amazing handheld cnc router

Amazing handheld cnc router:

Also, what happens when the machine adjusts a cut so that the material which needs to be cut is smaller than the ability of the tool to take a nice size chip when cutting?

This is actually a really cool idea. I don’t think it’s ready for prime-time, but I can see where this would be valuable to someone who has a mobile workshop (thinking Ron Paulk) and has a trailer full of tools used when coming to your house to do work. This way a full CNC setup isn’t needed…

As far as how you configure the design etc… not sure about that, but I think in a year or three I bet we see something in Home Handyman or at Lowes like this where you can buy the base for your router, the software, and just insert your iPhone.

I’m interested to see where it goes, and how they improve. I wouldn’t buy one :slight_smile: but I am sure there’s a market for this, provided the price is right. $399 add on for your router, plus some annual fee for the software updates…

I was surprised by the negative reactions this machine received when I brought it up a few months ago

Seems that most people liked the concept but would never buy it.

I can see both sides of the argument. A guy w\ a CNC fixture in his shop is going to think the handheld router is silly, but a guy on the road with hand tools is going to love it.

Honestly, if the price point on the router was decent (~$299) I’d buy it, just to play with and have for a project when needed. What project you ask, not sure, but I am sure I could use it at least once. At $500, probably not so much. I’d take the project home and clamp it down.

Not sure who said it, but I love the quote “When you love your hammer, everything looks like a nail”. The XCarve can bias me quickly against other tools, but I’m a serial obsessive, so eventually the XCarve neat factor will wear off, my sons or wife will use it, and I’ll move on to the next hobbyist toy.

In the meantime, I love the XCarve, and haven’t run out of things to use it for…