Amazing Metal Sculpture from a CNC

If anyone has not seen the amazing work done by Chris Bathgate you should really take a look at his website. He is doing some beautiful work,

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Chris has some really amazing work. I signed up for his newsletter and love perusing his gallery or watching videos he’s made.

I’m sorry but those look like very good 3D rendering and not real pieces. If he had something in the photo that gave a scale or one in his hand to prove that they are real object then I would stand corrected.


It is hard to imagine these are all real precision made objects.

Here is a video where he sort of discusses making them, he brings up the questions about are these “hand made” objects since a CNC machine is technically making them. I thought his answer was great. He said that he made the machine that is making them and he had to tell the machine every move to make so yes it is hand made.

For some reason the video has some really terrible music that almost makes it unwatchable.

Bathgate also has a Youtube channel

New Process video from Chris Bathgate

Latest update, if anyone is following.

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