AMB / Kress 1050 Mounting plate

Hi, I,m about to pull the trigger on an Xcarve.

As for spindle i am, after a lot of research, zeroing in on the AMB (Kress) 1050 spindle along with the 43mm mounting bracket from Sorotec. I also considered the Suhner, but have for now decided against it due to the added weight compared to the Kress.

I will use this mounting backet:

I will need to make a mounting plate for this , and was wondering if anyone here has done this in the past and could share a drawing. with measurements, so that i can have a mounting plate cut locally.

Appreciate if anyone would share some experiences and maybe a drawing.

Thanks in advance

Hi Ivar,
I have also a Kress with the Sorotec supply.
For that I used the „Spindle mouting plate“ (Part # 30287-01) from Inventables. I drilled the 2 Holmes for the supply.

Hope this helps,

Sorry, my auto `correction Jumpers in.
What I wanted to write is the following:

I have also a Kress 1050 with the Sorotec mounting bracket.
For that I used the „Spindle mouting plate“ (Part # 30287-01) from Inventables. I drilled the 2 holes for the bracket, no holes for the additional dowels. It works fine with my x-Cave.

Thanks for the tip!
Sounds like a good solution, seems I’ve been over complicating this for myself…

Approximately at what height did you drill the holes?

There are already a number of holes in the plate. I drilled the holes in the lower half between two rows of existing holes.

Originally I wanted to create a thicker aluminium plate but this plate works so good that I did not yet made a new one.

Sounds good, will use this method.
I was thinking i had to make a slightly larger plate and fasten the spindle lower than the bottom holes in the original plate, i based this assumption on a youtube video i came across.

Thanks for your advice.