And so it starts

I’ve received all the parts and pieces of my new 1000 mm X-Carve. I think I’ve got all the necessary tools to put it together.

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Don’t drink too much vodka the instructions can be tricky at times , lol!


I don’t neeed no damnnn instructionsh.
Now where ish my hamer?

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You’re gonna need more vodka… :grinning:

And a bigger hammer!

I cut this thing 4 times and it’s still too short.

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Well, it started good. 1 thread insert, 1 shot, 1 threaded insert, 1 shot, 1 threaded insert, 1 shot, 1 shot, 1 shot, etc…


Seriously, so far, so good.

I recommend having new bits workshop videos up and the Instructions. The instructions help with part numbers, but can be vague. The videos are great and if he edited them to pause with the part #s it would be perfect

I had two tabs open for the entire build. New Brit Workshop video series for the build. Excellent videos, easy to follow, offers some good tips. Inventables used only for part numbers. My build went super smooth. Then I watched a few other videos to tune and true the unit.