Angus's linuX-Carve

We appear to be at similar crossroads of our lives … Attached image of my test fit yesterday, waiting for one more box to come from 80 20 tomorrow.

That is going to be an incredibly solid surface…nice job Angus! Now hurry up and get to making some stuff :slight_smile:

Looking good! I want to put a longer cord on my Makita to do exactly what you are, where did you find the extra cord? What is the specification on it?

I’m also interested on the longer cord - and I’m using the DW611 as well. Once i finish my table build for the CNC i’ll be rewiring the carcass anyways so figured I’d hit the router with a better cable too

Awesome thanks for the info!


I upgraded my cord as well. Can you explain the real ferrite ring-cores? I know the one that comes with the Dewalt is just a security tag and I have removed all of them from my machines. But I am unfamiliar with the Ferrite ring-Cores. Would you mind explaining what they actually do and where one might order them from?

Thank you

I went with the ones from McMaster Carr the 16a yellow (I decided that all my power cables would be yellow for safety) and that runs in the sleeve with the sensor cable from the SuperPID.

Yeah, for you shipping seems pretty painful, that a bird in hand is worth 2 in the bush. I actually ordered a 50’ spool of yellow and a 50’ spool of black since I’m sure I will need it anyway. I went with the SJOOW outdoor rated ones, since why not. Good to know it stays flexible (unlike me or my coffee) to -55… With the wires running to-and-fro from the 3D printer and X-Carve plus at some point the GlowForge I figured make power things stand out…

Thank You for the info Angus, i will have to look into these.

Another Question. Why does the 611 only have a 2-wire hook up (black/white) and not a 3-wire hook up with a green wire for ground?

In american wiring you will find the neutral leg and ground is tied together in most home wiring. Since the case is plastic there is little utility in a separate ground wire.


I know the feeling! :smile:

Mind sharing where you got that belt from? been considering going 9mm for my large build but its a jungle out there once you look beyond 6mm.


What place in HK did you get the pulley from?

I do see the belt at the SDP/SI website for $6.44. A26R51M080090


Angus: go to and type in: " 20T 8mm Bore 9/10mm Width GT2 Timing Belt Alu Drive Pulley For DIY 3D Printer"
This should get you the info you want for the pulley!

Martin: I guess I should have sent my reply remark to you

Nothing to pertain to this topic, I just wished to thank you for the Airfoil app. So, Thank You very much kind Sir.

Hi Roger,

Thanks! I am putting it on my shopping list.

Quick edit. I was looking at Robotdigg and noticed that they too have the 20 tooth, 9mm wide, 8mm bore pulleys. It looks like choice selection is for 5mm/6.35mm/8mm bores.

Left side with one corner on each side. Also you are not planning to use all 4 holes?

I see that now, 80/20 for 15 series I ordered take 4 bolts.

I opted for this type of corner joint, they were not that expensive at all directly from 80/20 considering they came with nuts and bolts already. (don’t mind the rest in pic very much work in progress)