Animal hooks- did some get this design before it was taken off

Good evening All, I really want to make the animal hooks in the link below it sadly it appears the system is busy or the designer took it down. Did anyone manage to get a copy of the files??

Yes, Please repost


There is an image in the project

Crop and Use the image trace?

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Thanks for the advice about tracing (I’m new) and that link looks awesome to.


  • Giraffee
  • Octopus
  • Raccoon
  • Rabbitt

You sir are a true gent and a master. Perhaps you could do a tutorial on how you did it.

Andre uploaded the svg files here:

Thanks Andre!!


Theres a manual for easel

I use vcarve from vectric

Not sure bout that. My vector editing skills amuse mu wife though. She likes a guy with command over bezier curves…

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Those look excellent. Is the animal face simply glued to the back part with the screw in it?