Announcement on Easel Pro Trial

Quick Announcement for our current Easel Pro Free Day Users:

We’re repackaging the Easel Pro trial experience into a 30-day trial for NEW users, which means we’ve made some changes on the site and elsewhere to reflect this update as of today (7/21/2020.) But, as a little thank you for being part of our community and always willing to help us improve, for those of you already using free days --> you’re going to be keeping your Easel Pro 4 Free Carve Days each month!

You can still take advantage of everything Easel Pro has to offer for 4 days each month absolutely FREE. And as always, if you love it, you can upgrade to Easel Pro anytime and use the software to its fullest. Lastly, it’s really important to us that we’re always working to improve and enhance the Inventables experience and that’s simply not possible to do without you—so a big thank you for being here!

If you have any questions about your account, our Customer Success team is available to help: or call us: (312) 775-7009


Hi, other than v carve and additional fonts. What are the main benefits of upgrading to Pro as I seriously considering the upgrade…thx

Hi @DarrylMunday! Here’s a few more benefits to add to your list:

  • World class technical support available on demand
  • V-carving for more fine detail on your designs
  • Raster carving to cut down on finishing time
  • Many more fonts to add customization to your designs
  • Ability to automate Easel with your own custom cut settings, cutting down on setup time for each job
  • Controls to jog the gantry away from your material with one click after carving, saving time
  • Ability to warp text into many shapes to add customization to designs
  • Higher resolution grid, down to 1/32" or 1mm
  • Many improvements being worked on by the Easel team that will be available exclusively to Easel Pro users