Another aluminum project

i need bigger cole jaws for my lathe. i have 8 inch cole jaws. they were 40 bucks. the 10 inch(9.5) jaws are 140 for my chuck. i spent probably 15 minutes in easel to make this. but the carve is 12 hours. will 1 bit last for 12 solid hours of cutting? or should i just use the cnc to dimple the holes and drill by hand(drillpress)? dont know how much time it will remove. i might be able to cut to shape by hand just would perfer cnc to do it so weight wise they are Close so they are not far out of balance. will be spinning at around 700 rpm.

im sure cutting the outer circle would be a bit of a pain for the type of metal bandsaw i have. the metal lathe will only spin to 7 inch. so its no help in this sitiuation. and i dont have it in me to try on the wood lathe to spin aluminum.

all the light circles i might just not use them and sharpie circles in as its on the lathe.

but the simulator thing says if i cut the outside circle and the x on my own it would take 3 hours. im sure if i drill it it would be only 1-2 hours.

now to find a alum bit. mill bit, spiral, straight, ball??? i have tryed my best not to do any metal on the cnc. but to save 70-110 bucks and let it do it…

other alum project was a 1 inch x 1 inch piece with a circle cut out of it. .1 deep. nothing fancy and it took forever for what it was.

if anything i will cut this out in mdf and use it as a template to try and copy it in aluminum.

Note that I dont have an actual Xcarve myself.

7inch per minute feed rate is very slow, on a properly configured xcarve you should be able to go much faster.
With aluminium I usually run my weaker CNC at 50-60inch per minute with a 1/8" flat end mill. (Spindle rpm 10k)

Easel estimate 1hr30min carve time for the whole design with 55"/min feed rate.
A good quality flat end mill is what you need, I myself have good success with a 3flute 45deg helix upcut end mill 1/8". I have done 3 hrs of contious carves with it :slight_smile: