Another assembly question - 1000mm wasteboard

I’m reading ahead in the steps here planning for my next build session, and am looking at the wasteboard installation.

Now, looking at the instructions of the 2x1000mm rails the way they build the wasteboard in the pictures…aren’t those the same 2 that I already used putting together the end plates and completing the frame?

What the heck?!? SHould I detach those from the machine and build the frame and try to put it all back on once the wasteboard is on?

Or did I miss some pieces? My machine and all the parts are down in the workshop, but I swear I only have 3 of the shorter extrusions left over.

Can the wastboard be put together while the 2x1000mm extrusions are already screwed to the end plates?

Yeah. you need to take them off when you get to that part. Think it needs to be changed in the instructions. It confused me as well, not sure why they had us install them the first time, but they are the same rails.

It says in the instructions, if you have the 1000mm kit, to skip that step.

It does @JohnBaum? I went back and looked again and I still missed it.

Oh well, luckily they’re only held together with insertion nuts and small screws, easy fix.

Thanks guys!

3rd time was the charm. Nice blue box that any idiot should see. I didn’t see it. Twice. I’m the idiot.

Oh well, easy enough to resolve. Thank goodness those weren’t self tapping screws.

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Ha, I had too look three time at the instructions to see my Z plate was upside down after you pointed it out.