Another attempt at carving a photo!

Alan Davis, I only mentioned the sketch42 because it caused me some confusion until I figured it out. NOW, I looked back and I can’t find that g20 command you referred to. I remember reading somewhere about it but can’t find it now, so if you would send it to me once more I will give it a try. Thanks

Aaron, thanks but I want to see if I can get this ugs working, if all else fails will look into chilipepper.

In UGS use the command tab to type in G20

So be sure all axis values are zero and that you have sent G20 before you send the Gcode file

Okay Allen Massey, the g20 command did the trick, it got me to carving again! Now back to the original problem, it carves, but it doesn’t look anything like a photo, see my video clip I will post later, it just cuts a 33 degree angle from the bottom right to the top left! There is no texture what so ever! Absolutely doesn’t even resemble a photo of anything. Vectric responded with a suggestion that I cut at a depth of only .02 inches, so that’s where I set it up. ???

You should read the post I wrote about my experience with photovcarve

Looked could not find it. Give me the link please.

Great to see that you got it carving the right size. Getting UGS into inches mode is what I thought would do the trick. As far as depth, the photo you are trying to carve has pretty low contrast, so it looks like most of the detail would be lost due to everything being so close to the same height.

Like @AllenMassey says, you’ll need to boost the contrast to get a better carve. I wouldn’t go down the rabbit hole of creating 3D STL files just yet.

Would you mind posting the full size photo to this thread? If so, I’ll take a look at it and see if I can help improve the contrast in depths and then talk you though how I did it.

The reason ChiliPeppr would have worked better here is that it intelligently looks to see if your Gcode file has no inches or mm specified. It’s smart enough to then ask you what units you want so it can ensure your CNC controller is in the correct units mode. There’s a ton of smarts built into ChiliPeppr. And the interface looks super sexy and modern.

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Allen Massey, sketch42 and John Lauer thank you all for your inputs. I can only say that I am using the photo(s) provided by vcarve in their tutorial sections. If they won’t work from there, what will? Now I also went on to vcarve’s website and their own gallery section and looked at the photo carvings by many people and they are stunning representations of the photograph. Tell me how they do it and what are they doing different than you or I? There has to be a miss match somewhere in the chain here!

Did you try a 30 degree vbit with a deeper cut?

Allen, no I only have two vbits, a 60 degree and a 90 degree. I have been using the 60 degree bit.

Allen just watched a vcarve tutorial on you tube where they carve the baby photo and I just noticed he used a 3/64th ball nose bit! I have a 1/8 in ball nose, maybe I will try that just to see if I get a different result.

That may work better. It will allow the cut depth to be deeper.

Well tomorrow is another day, so will give it a go again then.

Allen here’s another one working, notice the bit being used! I think it’s time to do away with the 'v’bit!

When trying to wrap my head around G Code I find this helps as a reference.
Wikipedia: G-Code

I go over the first bit of the code in notepad and add comments in () with what each command does.
G21 (mm mode)
G90 (Absolute Coordinate positioning)
It helps me get a feel for what is going on :wink:


Learning curve.

A good resource to bookmark.

Look what I found, might be interesting for your project. Talking about VCarve and Photo Carve.