Another Aztec Sun Stone Calendar carved

Just completed carving a 24" Aztec Sun Stone Calendar on my 1K x 1k X-Carve 2.0…!! Took 13-1/2 hours

The bottom depth of the carve was .25" in the detail sections. Used a 0.50 inch, 60 degee V-Bit.

Now to clean it up and ready it for final finish…



wow. super jealous. turned out way better than my first attempt at that.

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I have seenthis calendar onother websites. Where do you get the plans, Thanks

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I don’t want to rain on your parade, but it seems you have the image inverted :blush:, i.e. the parts that should be raised are pocketed in your cut. I had the same issue before, but I deleted one outline circle so the software would carve the right way.
edit: But if I look closer I suspect your version is not meant for v-varving, because some areas are cut right and some are cut inverted.

I have an svg linked on my blog:

It is not 100% the same though as far as I can see.

oh and its aztec,not mayan :innocent:

I’ve made the correction…“Aztec Sun Stone Calendar”

In an effort to just do something, I got the vector file from here… Set it up in V-Carve Pro and carved it…

Understand this… I’m no expert on this stuff… Inverted, up side down, or right side inverted to downside, carved up or down it still in my view looks neat… Whether I have the historically/politically correct version is a fallacy of the thousands of images/versions on the internet. I’ve seen all kinds of versions so far. Because I’m still learning to use all the features of VCarve Pro I would have no idea at this point whether it was meant to be carved with my software or not.

This was a test to see what I could produce and how the machine would handle a lengthy carve. I didn’t waste my time worrying if the end result was perfect. It was a personal goal just to make one. I’ll proudly be hanging it on the wall to remind me of what can be achieved with a X-Carve 2.0.

I kept things slow to make sure the V-bit didn’t tear out material. I made only one mistake in the tool selection. I had forgot to change the safe distance above the material. It ended up raising to 0.5 after each cut where it only needed to go 0.05 or slightly less above the top of the material to clear. That added time and I suppose I could have shortened the overall time. It was a $7.25 piece of prefabricated round 1" pine circular flat used for “Lazy Susan’s” or something like that from Home Depot. I only needed to surface it by a tad. Used my 1-1/2" Freud Surfacing bit.

I’ll try again in near future and I’l surely check first with the powers to be to make sure I have the “right” one that will pass muster…



I think it looks great, and gives me a few ideas as well. Great job, no matter what anyone else says.

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great source thanks for sharing

and in my view, it looks awesome.

Don’t worry about the haters, cause haters gonna hate. I also had issues with the tool height. It was my first VCarve job.

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Would you be willing to share your v-carve file I would really like to take a look at your settings?

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It looks incredible, very nice job!

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Sent you a message.

Hey man don’t be that easily offended. This is a forum to share stuff but then you must also be willing to take some constructive criticism. If someone is saying 13 hours is quite long, its because he wants you to know it can easily be done in 6 or less… Let’s say 10 of your friends see it and want you to make one for them. I bet you know where I’m going with this.

Same with my comment. The file you used is not optimized for carving for the reasons I stated. But that’s water under the bridge. Yours is done, and you are happy with it, which in the end is all that matters. I applaud your efforts and the successful result, because it does look good, no doubts about that. But I think I am entitled to say that the source files you are now sharing are inherently flawed. Maybe someone gets inspired, maybe you want to make another one. Why not take the comments and learn from them. That’s why you’re here for, right?


Took this off line… Sent you a message…


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alright man I just started the carve on my big machine it says it should take 1.5 hrs I am going to run it at 200ipm and 80 ipm plunge in some 3/4" mdf

I will update with pics soon

so I heard someone say that it was a Mayan calendar not Aztec how do we prove that?

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that and I saw it in person at the antropology museum in Mexico City, in the Aztec wing. :smiling_imp:

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ummm okay I am going to go with aztec lol those are extremely different thanks @anon68752607

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Backwards sideways upside down…it looks awesome.
Here is link to a similar thread I started just recently.
There are links to vcarve files and vectors I used.
I still need to figure out how to finish.

Good luck and keep having fun

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oops forgot the link
(Aztec Sun Stone)