Another Aztec Sun Stone Calendar carved

well I am 2 hr 12 into is and its almost done looks like I need to recalibrate the software lol

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2 hr 45 to complete turned out alright I think


It looks great!

It does! But inverted :smiling_imp:

You know it would make for a great stamp! I think an ink impression of that one would look sick.

AndyClancy, also great work man!

For anyone else interested to make one, and is OCD like me: these files are tested and should give you a non-inverted carve:

Just curious what kind of bit you used, 90,60,30 degree??

First off the project looks cool. I dig it.

Joke time ahead…

Would an inverted sun calendar actually be a lunar calendar?


I like the outside border. My idea is to reduce it down to a 4" coaster, take off about 1/8" on everything inside the border edge and then carve the pattern. Last thing would be to fill the insides with clear resin to give it a 3-d look and protect the design. I’m not sure how well the detail will translate to a smaller diameter, tho. I might have to use one of the alternate calendars with less detail.

Here are some 4" coasters I made in cherry. I ended up making 8 coasters to fill the holder and I finished them in tung oil. These are before I finished them.


When I get home from work I will post a pic of the coasters with the oil finish.


Very nice project. Looking closely at the parts it doesn’t look like a v-carve. Did you cut those with a V-bit or a small end mill?

The coasters were cut entirely with this bit. Then cutout with a 1/8" endmill.

This is majorly cool! I might try something like that and fill in the recessed parts with resin.

There’s a lot of removed material on some of those to be done entirely by that small bit!

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