Another basic house number sign

Just out of the machine. Less issues with the W/M corners, but there is a little tear out on the left M peak.


Looks great! How are you planning to finish it?


I spray painted it and will sand the top layer off tomorrow or Thursday.

I should have waited and gone to get some sanding sealer and used good practice, but I’m wanting to get stuff pictured and put on my Etsy shop that I just did “quick”.

I felt horrible the moment that first bit of black sunk in to the wood…I hate the “spray then sand” method.

I haven’t had good luck with that method. The paint ends up soaking down so far into the wood that you can’t sand it out again. I’ve been doing well by staining first, then sealing (poly or shellac) then spraypaint and wipe or sand off, then reseal.

I seal the wood with a clearcoat first, spray the color, then wipe off the excess or sand, it rarely soaks into the wood.

I haven’t had luck with it either. But I got impatient…and well, that’s what happens when you get impatient.

It was a 2.5 hour carve since I used a 1/16th bit (which I need to learn to speed up with the whole roughing/detailing pass stuff) …so I just got stupid anxious and went with what I knew, even when it sucks.

What will the top coat be? you could avoid sanding it off and use a firm foam roller on the top for the color? I just did this for my first project I just posted and it worked well. Very light pressure and multiple coats should afford a good finish.

I started with a base coat of BIN Shellac primer though.

I think the numbers will be painted, and then the rest light stained. Numbers painted probably by hand by my wife, and then the rest brushed on.

I like the design. Good luck!