Another crappy cut

Are you probing in the same spot with each bit?

@BlueLocktite This is one of the tools that is awesome for quick analysis of the toolpaths.

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Yes, exact same spot, that being the hone position.

Hi Paul,

We’ll take a look at this issue. If an Easel Pro bug caused this problem, we’ll reimburse you for the cost of your lost materials.

For future reference, the best way to get official support from Inventables when a carve doesn’t turn out correctly is to click the “No” button at the end when it asks you if everything turned out OK. If you click “Get help from Inventables” and click all the way through, it will capture all of the settings related to your project, including the g-code, and submit it to our customer success team. You can also attach pictures or videos if you want. Someone from Inventables will respond to your case.



Thanks, Jeff. I did open a ticket with support yesterday and provided the g code and the end results.

I don’t think these carves were very complicated or outside the capabilities of Easel Pro. I want to have confidence in it as it is easy to use and I like the interface.

Absolutely. That is extremely important to us as well.


@PaulRinguette, it’d be great if you update the thread(s) once you have a response from Inventables support.


Hi Jeff,

Any luck with the g code I sent? I have several more carves I am placing on hold right now.


Nothing yet. Hope they can figure it out.

Hi Paul,

We are looking into this problem. We’ll post back here when we have an update.

Thanks, Jeff!


I noticed in another similar thread that there was an issue with Easel Pro and that a fix has been deployed.

Is that correct?


Split one of the crappy cut projects in two. Seeing some anomalies in the preview with Easel Pro sending the router to places where there is nothing to carve.

I’m super paranoid now. Anyone have time to take a look?

Gcode for the 2nd carve (the small emblems)

Guinness_detail (1).nc (4.8 MB)
Guinness_roughing (1).nc (385.6 KB)

Those locations happen to be where there are things to carve on the other half of the project. Did you accidentally not delete all the shapes in those spots?

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When I go into the project there is nothing there to delete.

I am not seeing that issue when I simulate paths:

53 PM33 PM

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I’m getting different simulation results each time I run it.

Just ran these just now.

That is very strange. I haven’t heard of anything like that before. Our engineering team will take a look at this tomorrow.

FWIW, I see the same thing as @JeffTalbot

Edit: Ran it again and go the extra plunge.

So I closed down the browser and opened up Easel Pro again. I just ran the Simulate and this is what I see now.

And just ran it again for the 2nd project in the project.