Another Dewalt question

So, working on the Dewalt spindle upgrade. Got the mount installed, inserted the router. Now, how far down should I put it? If I put it up too far, it looks like the housing of the router will hit the top before the limit switch would hit. Do you shave down the router housing, or put it further into the mount so it doesn’t hit up top?

Too far down, of course, limits the thickness of the material I can use.

Others have had the same issue. It has to be down far enough so you can access the button to hold the spindle while changing bits. I had to take my small drum sander on my dremel and make a flat spot on the yellow part of the router so it could clear the z mount. I’ll try to find the pics on here

I’ve seen this mentioned several times. I think Inventables needs to change their mount so the router sits out 2 or 3 mm farther from the mounting plate so the router doesn’t have to be damaged to make it fit. I had this issue also and I got it to sit just right so it barely rubs at the top of the Z-axis so it would only take a very small change. I guess another option would be to add small washers on the v-wheel mounts and the delrin nut…

I was able to insert mine without needing to trim any material from the router, I positioned it so the collet lock button was directly under the left side accessory ridge and I do not get any interference with the top motor plate for the normal range of movement,

I just went ahead with the Dremel and a sanding drum. Took me about 60 seconds, and now it fits just fine. I guess that wasn’t too big a deal.

I bought my 611 from Lowe’s with an extended warranty. I have been leary of sanding any material off the router for fear of voiding the warranty. Not sure if this is the case or not but haven’t had any issues without using the Z-axis homing switch.

I haven’t gotten my 611 yet, but I recall another thread where someone suggested rotating the 611 eliminated the interference issue.

I was able to mount mine without grinding away the case. I put it down far enough the button was available below the mount for locking the collet for changing bits. The power switch is just to the right of the mount at about 1 o’clock. The cord comes off at about 7 o’clock. In this position the case just brushes the top plate of the z axis, but not enough to interfere.

It would be nice if they made the mount so the ring that holds the router is a couple more mm away from the mounting plate.