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Another homing fail thread

Ok. Play with the pull-off to get one that works reliably for you. The only penalty for a long pull-off is time to complete homing.

Right on. It definitely is time consuming on that slow second move to the trigger. I’ll adjust it down a bit.

If it gets to be too much of an issue you might get better results by replacing the switches. Seems like the ones you have are a bit loose in their action.

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@LarryM In the light of morning with a fresh mind, I think I figured out where this problem came from. Just before I stopped using the machine months ago, I smashed the Z switch. As part of getting it back up and running, I replaced the Z switch with a new one. I ordered a handful from Amazon, so they aren’t entirely identical to the ones that came with the machine. The Z switch obviously has a different trigger point. I may replace the X and Y over time, but for now I’ll compensate with the $27 setting.

@PhilJohnson, I imagine I can probably get away with a setting of 2 or 3. I’ll play with it tonight. I figure that will be tolerable for now.

On a side note, just as a curiosity, I was thinking back and at one point yesterday, it DID retract far enough and made the slow second pass when homing Z. What I remember now is that apparently only happened when I used Easel to attempt homing. Not sure if Easel imparted slightly more liberal variables or not, but after the second slow pass, it still wasn’t fully releasing the switch so it wouldn’t move forward with X or Y still. shrug

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