Another New X-Carve 2.0 completed & some feedback

Hi all,

Special thanks go out to Inventables for a great machine, and to all the staff I interacted with at Inventables. The phone support was excellent, and I got answers quickly for my questions and resolutions for various little issues that came up during the build of my 1000mm x 1000mm unit. For the most part the assembly was straightforward and went very well.

I found the on-line instructions were pretty good. However, they lacked in some sections due to the the new 2.0 model. Although several critical instruction details in various sections were missing. Some actually failed to mention some pre-install Items required for a following assembly section. Images were good, although more angles of the sub-assemblies would be helpful. I would like to see Inventables go through the current instructions, provide additional close-up details, and most importantly, conform them so that the parts included match the instruction.

Although 99 percent of the parts were shipped, I found many parts bag numbers differed significantly from what the on-line instructions called for. I ended up using parts from bags that were not even shown. In the end, I had everything but one bag. Inventables shipped that one bag express overnight and I had it the next day.

One very important thing that Inventables needs to do ASAP… In the shipping department, provide staff a preprinted parts manifest that requires check-off by the packer as the items are included to avoid missing parts and delays to customers and the resulting additional costs to Inventables for the extra time, labor, and shipping. That final manifest should be included with the shipment so that when the customer is doing that very first inventory of the shipment everything needed can be verified in advance and will be able to see what might be missing.

Furthermore, based on my own experience, Inventables needs to update the parts listing and the instruction sections for each unit to match what they are actually shipping.

With the assembly completed, it was on to testing the unit. During the homing setup there were some initial problems, although wired exactly per the instructions, the X-axis stepper motor continued running in the wrong direction. Staff advised me to reverse the appropriate wires on the X-Controller and the homing operation went as expected. All the limit switches worked perfectly.

One serious thing that was noted was the wobble in the Acme screw. Per staff, this apparently is caused by a misalignment of the two pulley wheels. Since the new stepper motors have machine pressed pulley’s, there is no way to fix it. I want to point out that my Acme screw is inducing a noticeable wobble during up or down movement. I feel strongly that this induced wobble has to be affecting the accuracy of the cuts.

I stand with my comments made to staff that I strongly believe the acme screw I received is actually bent and not running true. I would like someone from Inventables to contact me ASAP and prove to me the misalignment between the stepper motor pulley and Z-Axis pulley is the problem and is not a bent Acme screw.

After getting the machine tested I was able to use Easel as my post processor and complete my first project. All went well… Here are several images of the setup… Thanks again…

Steve Nordahl
Nazareth, Pa.

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The bent acme screw must be fairly common. The one I got with my machine was bent. I contacted inventables and they were great about sending me a new one. Only problem is when I received it, that one was bent also.

I’m not totally sure but mine seems to cut fine, just make sure your v-wheels on the z-axis are tight enough that they won’t move side to side on the z beam.

The V-Wheels on mine are right on. This Acme spindle is without a doubt bent. Looking at other past comments regarding this issue, it seems as if Inventables has not yet resolved this obvious problem. Another area that might be contributing would be a sloppy bearing, but in this case the entire spindle would orbit exiting the bearing. I fly R/C heli’s and I can tell you that a bent spindle is pretty easy to spot. This spindle is running true to about half of it’s length, then the obvious out of true orbit begins. During Z movement, this wobble continues right into the material and restarts as soon as the Z-Axis gets moving again. Nothing but a bent Acme screw could induce that much visible wobble. Steve

Just call them and ask for a replacement.

There’s nothing like that new carve smell…

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i received my Xcarve the other day and was only missing 4 of M5 x 8mm bolts and a UK power lead. The instructions i thought they were very thorough until i got to the wiring section and from then on then was lots of guessing as the information became really vague and wasnt as detailed as the previous steps.

So just waiting now for a power lead before i can calibrate and run tests :frowning: