Another new x carve owner assembly in progress

I received most of my order on Fri the only semi critical parts that were backordered were the waste board and the drag chain. Not having the patience to wait I forged ahead and have the gantry rails and z assembly completed as well as the X controller. The waste board was shipped a couple days later and should be here on Wednesday, but no word on the drag chain :sob:

My question is should I start wiring now or wait? I don’t want to get to a point where I have to go back and there look to be some parts that may be harder to install later.



The beauty of the new drag chain is you can open it and install you wires. So have at it.

It is wired and runs the only problem I had was the x,y and z wireing all needed to be reversed.

To run it for a test I clamped it to a bench and used a pen clamped to the spindle holder. Once I get the waste board I will be able to route.

I will definitely be going through the calibration process before I do any carving.
I am an instructor at a nuclear power plant and long time machinist so following instructions and maintenance are second nature to me.

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