Another possible cause for carve stopping mid-carve

I, like a lot of people, have had cases where a carve would stop mid-carve (Easel gives the done message but the carve is nowhere near complete). I used to get it on lengthy carves but have not had it since following @PhilJohnson advice and directions on upgrading my software versions. That was, until today.

I was about 5 minutes into a carve and it happened again. While looking things over I noticed the XController’s front panel power-on green light was not on. I reached around the back to feel of the power switch and cord. When I lightly touched the cord things powered back up.

I played with it for awhile, slowly pulling the cord out of its socket and found that it didn’t take much for it to disconnect and reconnect. I pushed the plug in firmly and found it quite easy to wiggle back out and cause the XController to power down.

I was quite disappointed that it didn’t plug in any better than that and decided to get back to carving so I gave it a firm push to seat it as good as I could but this time I pressed it even harder and SNAP! It snapped in farther.

All this time I thought I was plugging it in all the way but I wasn’t. I have pulled on it now and it isn’t as finicky as it was before.

Makes me wonder it my prior fails could have been because of this - it disconnecting and reconnecting itself so quickly I never noticed.

So, if you are having problems where it ends too soon check the power cord where it plugs into the XController.


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Is your Xcontroller on the side board? I’d think if so the vibrations of carving would contribute to the cord being loose.

Yea, it is on the sideboard so the vibrations would definitely have caused it to disconnect. I also didn’t have it plugged in all the way. I thought I did because it felt like it would go any farther but, unlike other similar types of plugs, this one takes an extra effort to get to that final seating.

I have the same exact problem.

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