Another project by Bob

So a buddy of mine has a table at the Edmonton comic con coming up and wanted a sign made. So he asked me to make one for him. Sign was cut out of multiple layers of 1/4" hardboard(mdf) which enabled me to paint each layer indivually. After base colours were put down on the skull I went in with my airbrush (still a relative noob with the airbrush) for some other details. He also wanted an easel built to display it behind his table.


Awesome job!

WOW! Now that is cool!

I painted the shield with a hammered silver spray paint, then roughed it up with some steel wool, then dusted some flat black paint in spots all over the shield, then took most of the black paint back off with some more steel wool. Got the idea from Adam Savage on from his hell boy sword one day build. Worked out pretty good. Also around the edge of the shield I used upholstery tacks, sprayed them up silver, let dry, add some black then sand down a bit.


Very cool

Paint job looks awesome to me!!