Another question on flattening bits

what do you guys enter for bit info when using a flattening bit to flatten either the waist board or a work piece that you want make sure is Flat?

tram your machine first, or you might get ribs

i have the whiteside bit! my question is though how do you list it the bit section of easl in order to select ans use that bit?

as an end mill

ok thanks

When you save bits into the toolbox in Easel you have 2 categories of bits, Endmills and V-bits, when you enter an Endmill you get to select the cut type (straight, upcut, downcut, etc) but the cut type has no effect on the toolpath generated.
Because most surfacing bits are most like a straight endmill in appearance I usually select that one, but it doesn’t really matter which you pick as long as you label it so you know what it is and it’s not entered as a V-bit.

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