Another Scaling Issue

I just noticed this yesterday. Note shape sizes. Any ideas?

Only Border Selected

All Selected

Update: The border is 12" square in Inkscape.

I noticed the same in Easel when I import SVG created in TurboCad, it was quite discomforting not seeing the right size but I had a quick work around…
When creating my nested parts in turbocad I made a box around the items the size of the material I was using, I was the able to enlarge the imported file in Easel to fit that particular size by using the size command in the shape toolbox.
Once I have my machine (hopefully next week) I will be able to verify this.

Hi @TonyNo,

What version of Inkscape are you using? Older versions saved everything measured in pixels (which isn’t really meaningful for a project you want to cut out of wood/plastic/aluminum), but at least as of version 0.91 it will respect the default unit that’s set under File: Document Properties:

If you set that to a “physical” unit like inches or millimeters before saving, Easel should be able to import the design at the correct size.

(Side note: For files that Inkscape saves using pixel measurements, it used to use a pixel:inch ratio of 90ppi, and that’s what Easel assumes when importing Inkscape SVGs that are measured in pixels. Based on the size differences in your project, it looks like that might have changed to 96ppi at some point. I’ll do some testing to try to confirm that…)

Yes, running 0.91 in Windows.

This seems to still be off. If I bring in an SVG, select all, and scale to 12" x 12", then, select just the outer square (put there for scaling), it’s less than 12" (11.875", funny enough). :unamused:

This just bit me again.If I draw a 1" circle in Inkskape, it’s coming in at 0.937 in x 0.939 in. :confounded:

Has any body figured this out, I changed my defaults to inches and Easel is still importing the SVG and reducing the size of my images. I am using inkscap 0.91


cool I will try that, thanks for your input

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the same problem is happing im using illustrator and when I import a sag file it make its almost a third of the size bigger please help

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