Another Success!

I ordered my X-Carve sometime before Christmas. Most of it arrived sometime in January but the X-Controller was very delayed. I slowly put it together while waiting. The X-Controller showed up this week. I did the final assembly and it worked perfectly the first time!!!

I was meticulous while putting it together. I was missing two screws. I think there is an issue with this if you order the Colt mount. I read someone else having the issue too. The instructions were pretty good but there are some steps missing. Overall I am thrilled with the outcome. I have only done the test pattern but I am now ready to start playing and learning. I really bought it for fun, gifts, and stuff around the house. Who knows…maybe we can start selling some stuff.

Inventables has been great to work with. Thanks!!!


Welcome to the forum.

Good job!
Carve away…

Way better than my first try…what was your feed rate and bit you used?

I actually used the default settings on the demo carve.