Another V-bit Problem - Missing G-Code?

Howdy all,

I hadn’t carved in a while and decided to try making a house-warming sign for a friend. I generated the detailed preview, all looked well, and upon carving noticed that a small section of the design didn’t carve. I zoomed in really closely and saw that the toolpath line doesn’t exist for this section of the design, but it does for an identical (symmetric) section, even though the detailed preview shows both as being carved. Naturally, I didn’t notice until after carving. I tried re-simulating to generate new toolpaths and it is still missing.

Here is a screenshot of Easel. Notice the tip of the sword, one section shows the (very fine) tool path line extending to the tip, the other side doesn’t even though the preview leads you to believe it will be carved.

Notice what was and what wasn’t actually carved.

Shared project link:



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Please go to the help menu and submit this to our engineering team for review. I would have expected both sides of the sword to look symmetrical. They can look deeper into it.

I closed the browser, re-simulated, and it is now generating the toolpath. Maybe just a weird inconsistency.

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You might clear your cache and browser memory too. I don’t know if that would be related but I have a hypothesis that on large complex files the browser might be running out of memory.