Another z axis linear slide upgrade (w/Question)

Hi everybody, new X-Carve owner as of a month or so ago, first post here.

So I am mostly interested in milling aluminum and my first few tries showed that I needed some rigidity upgrades. Specifically, when facing a disc in a spiral pattern the cut went fine during x-direction motion but during y-direction the cutter mushed all over the place, which I discovered was due to the z-axis carriage flexing about the z-axis (mostly the wheel/rail joint’s fault it seemed).

So I was inspired by some other folks to buy a proper linear slide from Microcarve on eBay:

Installation went largely swimmingly, until I discovered to my chagrin that my new leadscrew, while a 3/8"-12 acme thread just like the old one, is A DOUBLE START THREAD (which it says right there in the listing but I was too dumb to notice), so now 1mm commanded travel = 2mm actual travel.

I’m sure there’s an easy way to compensate in software, but could use some pointing in the right direction.

Here’s a picture post-installation just for kicks:

Thanks for the help!



Go here and read about $102 Z axis steps/mm

Problem solved, thanks for the link!

(also for the record I think I stated the x and y axes backward in my initial post)

Hey Thomas, great getting the new z on. Did you beef up the x by doing any of those mods? You’re adding quite a bit of weight. I have never seen anything properly measuring flex before and after the 30, 60 minute , or other mods on the x,but all seem to agree stock is flexy.


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@DanMyers New Brit Workshop has a YouTube video of before and after the “30 min” stiffening the X. He used a digital angle gauge and a tool box to test. Before at 6:20, after at 9:00 mins in the video. Oh too add not sure if you call this “properly” :slight_smile:

@DougHill, thanks for the link. Indeed, this is the kind of before and after results I’d been searching for. I’d seen this video at one point, but forgot about the measurement portion. I think what he’s doing is a pretty good way to measure.


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The ebay link product has ended.
Now if you can list the specs on it I can find one that is the same. :slight_smile:

Surprised that dimensions are not on the page. :open_mouth:

Phil, here is a major point of apprehension for me:

I want to drill holes into the X-Carriage. However, I am not sure if I should be making some type of “jig”, or what. Please share your process with me.

Apologies for the “Hand-Hold” request, But, I’m an Uber-Noob, willing to learn… with very little experiential frame of reference.

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Thank You :smiley:

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