Any 3d printer people on here

I’m looking for a 3d printer. From high end to low end please help

I’m Openscaddad on Thingiverse (also on Printables). My 3D designs have been downloaded tens of thousands of times.

I started with a Printrbot simple metal. It is now at my niece’s house. I replaced that with a Prusa Mini. It has given me good service but I eventually took it from its stock configuration by upgrading to a titanium nozzle.

A friend was having trouble getting his Ender 3 assembled so I took it over and got it more or less running. It is OK, but lacks some of the nice features the Prusa has.

If you’re just starting out, I think the Prusa Mini will be easier to start with. You may need to find some local talent to help you get started with other units.

If you’re close to a microcenter then you can’t really beat this deal for a $99 ender 3 pro as a first printer…

I’ve been a Craftbot owner for years. Great quality printer and I couldn’t be happier. A little more pricier but well worth it.

For fun?
To make custom parts? What are the parts for?
When you say low end to high end… That range could go from $100 to over $500,000.
A bit more about your goals would help.

That said, you can’t go wrong with Prusa. If you want to be on the cutting edge of consumer printers, I’d consider the Bambu Labs X1 carbon. Or build a voron from a kit.

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the goals is try to make money if I can right now I have a universal 40 X 40 inch laser and a 2020 X-CARVE 1000 by 1000 with all the up grades. so with that said up to maybe 1000 but not much more

Do you have any 3D modeling experience? The market is pretty flooded with people “trying to make money” by 3D printing other people’s designs. There are people with printer farms that can undercut anyone that appears to be making money.
If you’ll be buying models to print, what types will you be making. That may be what determines the type of printer you get.

I’ve owned a handful of printers myself. I’ve used, maintained, and repaired probably a couple dozen others ranging from several hundred to several thousand dollars. That’s not counting the bunches of ender 3s and other cheap printers my students need help with. All have been FDM.

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