Any Architects in the House?

Hello! since my x-carve is already on the way, anybody here who is an architect? care to share some of your projects here? I am an architect as well and I build most of my designs. I just want to know what you guys have been doing with your x-carve. just want to be inspired. I’m a newbee and treading on unfamiliar grounds.

I have a residential model coming up this fall. So far this is the closest I have come with my X-Carve


wow! Can an x-carve do that? What software did you use? Care to share some tips? Great work!

That was done with Easel

Just Easel? You had to start with autocad right? Whats the process? I can do models for clients with this…

Yes, cad and then converted to svg for import in Easel.
Easel iis capable of doing ssome really cool stuff

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are you an architect JDM? or are you doing this just for plain hobby?

I’m a professional model builder for hire. Freelancer.

wow! Im from the Philippines. there are just a few known modelers here.

plain old styrene sheet of different thickness.

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