Any assistance would be much appreciated!

I am very new to XCARVE, I have made a few things here and there, and realize there is ALOT to learn as I go along. Here is my issue, when I try and do detailed cuts as in the pictures, do I need to use a special bit, do I use inside or outside path, on the path etc.

The piece that I made wasn’t to bad, in my opinion, but I want it to be better, more detailed. If you notice on my piece some of the fine details are missing.

Any advice, help, or guidance would be much appreciated. I can also deal with criticism, so no worries about me having a thin skin. I have served my country in some form or another (military/police) since 1985, so there is not alot i have not heard or been told.

Thanks for your help, it is very much appreciated.

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for the detailed cuts I would use a 60 or 90 degree.

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Thanks Mark, I appreciate the advice!!

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It appears that you are carving very deep. I would go no more than .1”. Second I would guess you are using a 1/8” bit. Some areas are to small for that bit. Try a 1/16” bit

Thanks Phil, I appreciate the advice!!!