Any Australian X-carvers use the Grbl AIO driver?

Hi All,

have any Australian X-Carve users tried out the Grbl AIO driver board from 3DTek?

At the moment I’m tossing up replacing my GSheild with either a complete kit like the Grbl AIO or a DIY TB6600 based solution.

Any thoughts?

Not Australian, however,

Wimpy controller. DRV8825 driver chips.

Non standard USB/serial chip CP2102.

The lack of power is definitely a minus, I’m currently using NEMA 17 steppers, but the option to easily upgrade to NEMA 23’s is attractive.

But another consideration is a lack of CNC time and getting a complete solution is tempting, otherwise I’d just jump on the TB6600 band wagon, as it looks like more fun if you can find a good TB6600 driver.

That board would be ok to run the NEMA 17s, but would not be beefy enough to get full advantage from NEMA 23s.