Any Canadian friends here that can show me a place to buy bits?

Hey guys so I finally bought my first cnc machine, (*the new xcarve) Can’t wait for it to ship! Anyways in order to afford it I had to remove quite a bit of things, one of those being the bits that where selected in the xcarve build.Anyways, I am a Canadian so online shopping is never very friendly to me. Wondering if any Canadians out there have an Xcarve and where you get your bits? Is there a good canadian supplier out there or where is the best place to go?

Most of my work I think will be carbon fiber,mdf and acrylic engraving, what are good bits to use? I am new to all of this, have done some good research but when it comes to all these terms they confuse me, v bits, flutes and all these other terms are chinese to me.

Hey man sounds great looks like you are on a great path to a sweet cnc machine

so give my tool rep with onsrud tools a call and tell him Evann from workin woods sent you

and ask him if he can get you in contact with a canadian rep.

here is his number:

If you’re just starting out grab some cheapo bit sets from Rona, Homedepot, Lowes, etc. If you want some nicer bits try

Also, you could try eBay and aim for Europe sellers as the exchange isn’t as painful as USD to CDN.


those torbide end mills are designed for strictly metal

its always nice to have tool that are designed to work with the material that you are cutting

Check out this thread I am getting ready to do a video on end mills on my youtube channel

please make suggestions in that thread and I will be sure to include them

There are a couple of sources at:

I’ve ordered some bits from Lee Valley Tools, but have not had time to try them out.,33084,46168,69435,46171&ap=1

Does anyone have experience with these bits, either the HSS or carbide?

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Onsrud is a very well-respected name in machining, so those should be quality bits.

Lee Valley’s customer service is top-notch, and they’re a great company to do business w/ and one which I am always pleased to be able to order from.

Sadly, their founder passed away recently, but the values and ideals which he espoused seemed to be alive and well there. Fascinating article on this here:

I really wish there was some listing of companies (here in the U.S. — Canada is fortunate to have the Wagemark Foundation referenced in the article) which adhere to such ideals — I’d gladly put a lot of effort into patronizing them by preference.

I have alot of experience with those end mills they are ONSRUD brand you will like them if you can get me the Onsrud part # I can give you alot more info on them and when they are designed to cut

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Sorry I have been tied up all weekend with getting my motorcycle endorsement but I hope to shoot part 1 of the end mill tooling video today where I will go over different types of end mills

and there uses