Any chance for a 4th Axis

Hi all :slight_smile:

I have resently bought an x controller so now I have a arduino,gshield and powersupply to spare…so now I wonder what to do with this,a shame to just let it lay around and in the end most likely be thrown in the bin :frowning:

For a long time I have been wanting to add a 4th axis,but as many of us know this is not possible with the standard electronics where as there is no support for more then 3 axis,bummer.

So now i wonder is there any chance to hook the x controller and the old electronics together in a way to make way for the fourth axis ??

Hopes are high :nerd::fist:

Thank you B.F,but this is with other electronics not a two Arduino/gshield combo…that is what i am wondering if is possible…

You can disconnect the Y-axis, then use indexing and cut only along the axis of the piece as it rotates using a single Arduino and Grbl:

Another option would be to use a geared holder which rotates the piece as it moves in the Y-axis

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It is probably doable, people have done it with just the Gshield by itself. The problem is GRBL doesn’t have a parameter for deg per step. So you have to manually calculate it for each project. (there are a couple of threads that address this) TinyG (the GShileds big brother) does.
I have so many parts left over for various upgrades I can almost rebuild a second machine. So I have been thinking about possible uses for leftover parts too.
Maybe a dedicated laser cutter?

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Yeah been thinking about a dedicated laser I guess this is the most doable thing to do with it.I already have the jtech laser so might get the rest of the parts :nerd: oh these decisions :thinking: :money_mouth:

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This was talked about before.
If you do disconnect the y axis and use it there are some calculations you have to do to convert liner motion to radial motion.