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Any chance of a simple "group" and "ungroup" feature..?

Would be sooo useful…



6 years later and it still doesn’t have this basic command. It’s not encouraging me to buy the pro version.

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Combine (ctrl+J) to group and shape exploder (the tools apps) to un group is typically how I do it :man_shrugging:.

You could also set the “group” to a specific depth and latet use Edit>Select by matching depth to select all the parts in that “group” to move that group around

Yeah, grouping or layers would be pretty swell. Just tried to move a batch of (drill) holes on top of a pocket. It did not go well. You can’t combine drill holes, so no love on that front.

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That’s true that drills cannot be combined, however the option exists to Edit>Select by cut type and select all drill’s at once, so that might work… IF you wanted all of the drills to be selected.
OR right click on the pocket and move to back?

I definitely agree that grouping and or layers (which are still basically groups but an improved way of keeping groups organized) would improve the software’s usability for many users!