Any experience mounting an x carve under a table?

I’m looking to add an X Carve to my small garage shop. I’m currently designing two mobile carts, roughly 3’x’4’ in size. One would be used for general assembly, the other would be split between a jobsite sized table saw and a router table. I’d like to mount the X Carve into one of these tables on a low torsion box shelf just above the floor. I could encapsulate the sides in removable clear plexi to keep the saw dust from the table saw off the CNC.

My question is how feasible is this? How much clearance above the CNC do I need for setup and use? Will having limited access from the top be an issue? When watching videos, there are tons of shots of the X Carve in action, but the actual job setup is often edited out. Are there any other design considerations I should be aware of? Please share your thoughts.

you Could always build one of these stations. This one is a planet mounted to one side and a miter saw mounted on the other

Hi. I am currently contemplating the same thing. I have one table that I need to share between the x-carve and a 3D printer. The x-carve needs to go on the bottom to prevent shavings getting into the printer. My concern is getting me up and down off the floor.

So I briefly chatted with the OP of this design:

He said it worked fine, but if he could do it again he would install the xcarve on a slide out shelf with a 3rd leg in front for stability. He said it only needs to come out about half way or so.

In that thread I noticed someone else say they were working on a similar concept. I reached out to him and although he never went through with buying anything, he said he spoke with others who did and they recommended having the table top be on hings that could lift it up for overhead access.

Having a fliptop table as mentioned above is possible, although I’ve made flip tops before and am not sure how well it scales to the size of an xcarve.

Lastly I stumbled upon this concept which I found extremely intriguing:

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