Any idea how to clamp this?

Rip this out of a square blank is one way but I would like to make a kind of rotarty clamping system. Does anyone have experience with these name plates?



Secure a v-shaped jig to your wasteboard and put the name plate in the jig? You’ll want to secure the nameplate to the jig. You could either use masking tape and CA glue, or conventional clamps on the now-flat face (make sure any clamps you use will be clear of where the lettering will go!).



Do you mean 2 sided tape? I have not had the nerve to try it. I have converted all my clamps to wood and nylon bolts. Maybe it’s me but that thing seems to run into stuff. Thanks again for your reply.


@KimberlyFranzen. Excellent idea. I was about to say almost the same thing until I looked at your response. Well done!

I was envisioning something like this. Screw the jig to the wasteboard, then use glue and masking tape (or double-sided tape) or clamps to hold the nameplate in place.


For CA glue + tape method, you put masking tape on the bottom of your workpiece and on your jig (or wasteboard if you’re doing a flat piece), then you put a small amount of superglue (CA glue) on one of the pieces of tape, press it against the other tape and hold 'til the glue is set. To remove your finished carve, you just gently pry it off, peel the tape off, and you’re all set.


You rock Kimberly!!! Thanks