Any ideas where we can find plans like this

any ideas where we can find plans like this

I did not even see an order place there. I was talking to a maker store guy on his star wars at-at and he was saying it is so many parts and so long to cut out it is not even worth trying to sell them. Cutting with a laser runs at a higher power so it costs more - I do not know if the Jtec guys do a lot of cutting or what the power runs when using them. I can imagine these kits are a ton of pieces cut out at one time on a decent unit but no idea on how much it is to run a program like that let alone take the time to draw up all those svg or vectors. There are clock plans around perhaps some scrollsaw plans have some of these style of builds. About the closest I have seen is some Cnc models of dinosaurs and such around. but I do not track plans I am too cheap to pay for them at this time.

The MakeCNC site has lots of patterns like that

thats good for now