Any interest in a Makita RT0701 spindle mount for X-Carve

Hi John

Firstly thanks for the quick response and sharing the design file. Would it be possible for to get an estimate of the shipping costs? I’ll download the files now and have a look.



Hi John

This is just what im looking for,are you shipping to Norway by any chance ? :smiley:

Hey John, yes I want one. Please send info to my email Thanks

They are the same diameter.

Helge, I will ship anywhere your will to pay for :wink:

Shipping weight is only 0.5 kg so should not be too bad

I want to add one more thing about my mount. This mount, and the Makita router for that mater, are not recommended if your still using Nema17 motors on your system. They just don’t have the torque to move the > 4 pounds (1.8kg).

Also, if you want a mount kit, please, please, fill out the forum I linked to above if you haven’t already. Its too hard to keep track of all the random people who are asking about them.

That is great John :+1: :smile:
I have the new nema 23 motors so hope they will do ?
Yes i filled in the form you linked to
Btw looks like a great job you’v done making this mount,looking forward to mount my makita in it so the x-Carve can come alive 100%.
Thank you

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Thanks for the info. I just finally bit the bullet and ordered the X-Carve. Also ordered the Makita RT0700. I filled out your form and would like to buy one of your mounts. International priority flat rate box would be the preferred shipping method. Thanks!

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For those wondering, If you have filled out the form linked at the top, there is nothing else for you to do. I’ll be invoicing via PayPal once I get them packaged up. If the email you provided in the forum is not your PayPal address, let me know.


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Why is the router so far away from the spindle carriage? For clearance? It looks like it could move a 1/2" or more toward the gantry which would be exponentially less stress on the two flimsy, unmodified x-axis makerslides.

Does this ‘just’ clear?

I drew up and made a set of mounts w/ integrated dust collection for the Makita ages ago, and included my thoughts on the design process:

Aluminum is a much better material choice though.

There are a number of other mount designs listed on the ShapeOko wiki:

Agree that keeping the spindle as close as possible to the gantry to minimize lever effects is an important consideration. It also gains a little bit of working area.

I’d love to have the router 1/2" inch closer, but then where would I put the acme rod and its associated Delrin nut :wink:

As it is right now, everything clears with about 1mm (or a bit less) to spare.

My X-Axis is anything but unmodified, there is one picture of it above. I had a piece of aluminum machined to fit the gap and I’m having alternate end-plates made from 1/4" Al to give me more height.

When mounted on my x-carve (if you can even call it that) everything is ROCK solid. I personally would not mount this router, or especially the Dewalt 611, on a stock x-carve. I know people do it but there is just to much flex in the design I feel.


Changes have been made to reduce the distance between the spindle main body and the rear plates for rigidity for the mount. But there is some distance required so there is enough ‘meat’ to grab hold of the main body of the router and not flex it when the front half of the mount bears down on the rear plate.

As for the X Gantry. No matter how close you place the spindle to the rear plates- It’s not going to ‘decrease’ the deflection on the non-reinforced makerslides.

As for the ‘little bit of working area’ we are talking 4.21mm.

What John is doing here is awesome. Nick picking the design is not helping.

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Just picked up my Makita in case the stock spindle dies again…

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Could not wait until spindle death. OMG This thing is awesome. Thanks again to @JohnScherer for the mount!


Hi John
I’m really looking forward to receive your mount,do know approx when you have it ready for shipping ?


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+1 for what Helge said…


I’m traveling away from home for the remainder of this week (camping actually). When I get back home it will likely be two weeks before I get the next batch out.

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