Any interest in a Makita RT0701 spindle mount for X-Carve

I just ordered this, I did not test it yet

Did you look at the first review? It says it doesn’t fit the router.

The ones that do work/fit are the Elaire ones. MRP-1250 for 1/8" and MRP-2500 for 1/4"

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My X-Carve was shipped last night, so I will get it long before the spindle mount. It’s going to be a long wait…

Is it possible that you could use only mm screws and bolts on a bracket for me to Norway. It’s hard to get spare parts and tools in inches here :slight_smile:

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It’s already drilled and tapped in inches, in retrospect, not my best idea. I can provide you with inch hardware and the proper Allen wrench if you need.


Yes, a complete bracket with bolts and tools in inches would be very nice :smile:
I will fill out the form and register for a bracket.

Form filled out.
Will buy Makita Monday.
Will order X-carve 500 top options this weekend :smile:

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Hmmm, if I order the X-carve without spindle and bracket, will I get the wheels, spacers, bolts and nuts for the use with a custom bracket?
Do I need to order the DeWalt bracket just to get the wheel parts?

I’m not 100% sure what come in the package @JohnScherer sells, but I’m assuming you need the appropriate v-wheels, bolts and nuts. If you send Inventables an email or call them and explain what you are doing I’m sure they will be more than happy to get you the correct parts!

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Thnx, just sendt Inventables an e-mail with the question.


"Just a quick note:

The price on these will be $65. You get the new back plate, and the 4-piece spindle holder brackets. You will need four 10-32 x 1/2" - button head cap screws, and four, 1/4-20 x 1" socket head cap screws to put it together. You will also need slightly longer bolts for the v-wheels. m5 x 34mm or 35mm would be perfect. I can source them locally if you need, which will add $5 to the price."


Yes, I know. He doesn’t provide the wheels etc., but does Inventables provide the wheels if you do not order a spindle or bracket?

Yes. I ordered my machine with no spindle. I did order the full rail set and received 20 Vwheels with bearings and spacers. Also received the 1/2" alu spacers and the 200 mm maker slide for the Z axis.



What about the screws to the delrin nut? Do they also follow the custom Makita bracket? They are not included in the X-carve set without bracket/spindle.

Reply from Paul Stolz: “You will need a pack of 25286-03 to connect your mount to the delrin nut, unless these are also provided in the custom mount.”

My Makita mount allows the use of two delrin nuts, one upper, and another lower. It would not be required to use two but it helps with backlash if you do. The choice would be yours. As for the screws to mount the delrin nut, I don’t provide them but standard m5 x 16 button head cap screw is what I used on mine.


Ok, then I will order one extra delrin nut and a package of mounting screws to go with the machine. :smile:

Is it the same type of bolts for the wheels, just longer, or is it another type?

I’m back from vacation guys so I’ll be working on getting the second batch made and out the door. I know some of you are quite anxious to get it, but the machining is out of my hands. As soon as I get them, I’ll send them out within 24 hours of payment.

I’ll be meeting with the machinist today and barring any issues, I’ll be invoicing everyone later today, or tomorrow morning.

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Invoices have been sent for everyone that I had listed in the above google docs form. If you didn’t get an invoice, let me know asap. Also, I’ve bumped the price up by $5 cover some additional costs on my end.

These first few batches were just sold at cost and I want to be sure I’m covered. I will be raising the price after this last batch. I’m not sure how much but they will be going up.


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Invoice paid and message left to you in PayPal :smile:

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got your message and no problem Anders. I will mark it as you suggest :wink: