Any interest in a Makita RT0701 spindle mount for X-Carve

Apologies if this is a stupid question but I am new to X-Carve - I assume with the Makita RT0700/701 you lose the ability for the X-Carve to control the speed with PWM? If so what do people do as a work around? Thanks!

I’m sure this wasn’t intentional Angus, Lord knows I do shit like this from time to time, Thats life when you have a browser window open with 50 tabs :wink:

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JimBenedetto asked what people do as a workaround and most people seem to flick the switch manually. Get it? You are not by any means obliged to watch the whole three minutes and fourteen seconds of the music video, or watch it at all. It was not my intention to upset anyone. Won’t happen again.


I thought it was funny.


Hehe, both AC/DC and flicking switches are imortant with X-carve, so this video clip fits very well :smile:


I wouldn’t worry about it Jyrki, you didn’t do anything wrong! Initially I didn’t get the connection to JimBenedetto post but, ya, that was funny! I wasn’t the one who flagged it, but this is exactly the reason why I suggested to just ignore it, but I think he flagged it before I said that :frowning:

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Just a li’l video I shot for John…

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Ya, landscape version was not as clear. :frowning:

What material are you cutting? and what is that yellow alligator clip hooked up to up top? Probe?

It’s PVC foam, and cuts really well. More info in the video comments.

Yes, the clip is for my probe. The end at the top is connected to the ground on the Z-home switch, and the other end is just clipped off to the side. I connect that end to the end-mill for probing.

Ha! I get it now. :smile: One thing that is still confusing me - I wired up all the PWM stuff so the controller can fire up the spindle thinking that as I get more experience there will be certain carves where you would want high rpms for one part and low rpms for the other. Not until I started using easel did I realize it basically is just an on/off switch with a one time rpm setting.

I assume when you “flick the switch” on the makita you also can manually set the rpms. I’m new so excuse my ignorance - is my above assumption of different rpms for different parts of the same carve just not how it’s done because it would at little or no value? Or is if something more expensive machines or more complex software allows and it actually is a useful thing?

Thanks again - and yeah I figured you just did a copy paste mistake bc I do that all the time with my 50 open tabs. Zero offense taken - I actually was glad to see I’m not the only person who does that. Now I realize it was intentional and it was a pretty funny joke :smile:

Having the spindle RPM controllable by G-code is a huge convenience, and a very nice feature and is a common feature.

Just a quick update guys

I was over to the machinists shop yesterday and he was finishing up a large job for the US Navy. 5 Haas mills going 14 hrs/day for 7 days… crazy stuff.

Once he gets started it won’t take him more than a day or two to finish stuff. I’ll keep you all updated.

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Are you using a standard (M8) rod or the ACME? It seems you can get an extra derlin nut of the former kind (25280-01) but not of the latter kind (25280-02) which only comes inside a kit. Here are the relevant links:

It appears that they are the same. The description of the 25280-01 says to refer to the attachments on the same page for dimensions and they reference the 25280-02. I hope it’s correct because I’m ordering one tomorrow.

Hi, John.

I think I might want to get one of these mounts in the future. Do you plan to keep making them, or are they available for a short time?

The nut (block) dimensions are identical. It is the threading that differs as one is for M8, one for ACME (3/8-12). Contact customer support just to be safe.