Any J-Tech laser tips for newbies?

We just bought the J-Tech 7w laser, and while we’re waiting for it to arrive, I’m wondering if anyone has any experiences that they would like to share. Things you wish you knew before… installation tips… software tips… speed/burn settings… anything relevant that you think would be beneficial to a new laser owner. Thanks!

What program are you going to be using to run it?

I bought the Laser Etch program along with the laser, which may be J-Tech’s in-house software…? I was reading the features of it and it seemed like it was either comparable or superior to Lightburn in some ways. I may pick up PicLaser if Laser Etch can’t do the pictures like PicLaser can.

Read and study all the tutorials they have. I use picsender and lightburn so i know nothing about laser etch. As far as speeds and burns every machine is different so you just need to test and pratice to get what you need. Instalation is a snap very simple.

YouTube is your friend. Check out PawPaw’s Workshop. He has published several videos about the J Tech. He uses Lightburn (as do I).

You will find it very quick and easy to set up job in Lightburn and begin to engrave. There is not to much to understanding how these lasers work. Speed and intensity/strength. Pretty easy to get great results