Any other X-Carves near Danbury CT?

I live in Danbury CT and just got my X-Carve working, wondering if there are any others nearby.

I live in Plainville just up Rout 84 from you about 45 min drive.

not to far I am in West Haven I also have a 1000mm unit

I’m in Bethel…small world…



Wow, that’s close. What was your motivation for getting it, business or hobby? Hobby for me, I seem to be creating my own personal makerspace.

It was hobby mainly for me, but I wouldn’t turn down creating something for a paying customer. I had an inquiry last week at work about a small job, but then they realized that we actually have a full machine shop with a very good machinist, but I’m pretty sure the X-CARVE could have gotten that job done much quicker. :wink:

I wanted to be able to make things out of pretty much any material not just plastic so I got the mill instead of a 3D printer. That being said, thankfully my friend has a 3D printer and he has already started making me parts for the X-CARVE (a dust shoe is a MUST).

I am a GIANT NERD so I enjoy everything from programming, electronics, milling, but I also have an Inner Grease-Monkey lurking around as well.

Here is my first real project; I think it turned out nicely…



I identify as a geek rather than a nerd :grinning:
I’ve long had woodworking as a hobby, picked up woodturning a few years ago, and developed a serious Festool habit in the process. I’m a programmer by day, electronics wannabe by night (Arduinos, Raspberry Pi’s, and ESP8266’s each outnumber people in my house though most of them still need something useful to do). Got a Makergear M2 3D printer almost 2 years ago, and just got the X-Carve. 2015 was the year of the drone for me, ended up building a quadcopter from parts, then parts from said quadcopter (still working on a redesign).

Still trying to leverage my Fusion 360 3D printing knowledge into CNC knowledge. Today I was checking out GRBLWeb on a Raspberry Pi as a possible controller for the X-Carve, though it’s a bit primitive even compared to UGS.

I’m in West Haven. I’m dealing with a lot of “Stop/Go” as I am on pause until I can deal with sound dampening.


Hi Jay, My name is Bob I am also in West Haven, as of now I am out at at school for work in Norman, Oklahoma should get back by the the 8th would like to meet I have a 1000mm xcarve


Another Connecti"cutter" here. I live in Hebron, not too close to Danbury, though.

I’ve had the 1000 for several months. I adopted the machine from a gentleman in Winstead
who had some difficulties with it. I brought it home, rebuiilt it and have had a pretty good
experience with it except for the occasional challenge.

I retired in September and having a great time learning the process. For the past month I 've been working on Derek Hugger’s kinetic art design “Colibri”. Google him, for some some inspiring work.

Happy to hear there are other Connecticut carvers.


Cool! Are you working with Derek or trying to do things like what he’s done?


Derek sells plans for each of his art works at:

I purchased his plans which includes pdfs and dxf files.
So far, I’ve found his instructions and, iin particularly his material
sources very thorough.


How much do you think the hardware for the Colibri cost you? I think I might NEED one of those.

A pretty close estimate for the McMaster-Carr parts came to just over 300. I haven’t calculated how much I’ve spent on the Baltic Birch plywood, but I would guess it has been 300 to 350. The wood costs can be reduced if you have a local source to reduce shipping costs.

Looking ahead at the assembly process. I suspect I may be redoing some of the parts based on how well the parts fit together.

We could probably make that happen. Drop me a line when you get back, and if I am not in a state of my brains seeping out of my ears (LOL), then we will link up.